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Pioneers in pastry  preparation since 2010 


Chef Preparing Pizza
Silk lettuce

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Frozen pastry for hotels and restaurants

For years we have been presenting our products of pastries, whether cooked or frozen, to many international hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and restaurants, to let you focus on what is most important to you..

Lebanese fresh cuisine
for everyone

Here at Fosool Lebanon, our daily goal is to create, serve and enjoy fine Arabic food. We love fresh food, flavorful food, food that's in season, and food that's distinct. Every morning before opening our kitchen, we stock our shelves with market-fresh ingredients, so that the food we serve you is as fresh and flavorful as can be. We welcome you to our restaurant and wish you a hearty appetite. 

Herb salad
Cutting vegetables

Lebanese taste on your side..

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From Saturday to Thuresday

From 7:00 am    to     17:00 pm

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